A forklift license is mandated by the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Organization(OHSA), if you are an employee designated to operate forklifts. The license should be specific towards the exact fork lift unit that is going to be under your control.

Forklift licenses have 3-year validity but cannot be used in other employees or other businesses. A licensed forklift operator from one business moving to another establishment would need to obtain a new forklift license. This is in affect reduce occupational hazards within organizations. This particular rule is in place to protect both employee and employer.

OSHA has specified forklift operations training facilities, where employers can enlist their employees. Forklift certification is necessary if you want to operate a forklift legally in most states. Forklift training includes lecture as well as hands-on training.

The actual lecture part of the training is a comprehensive discussion from the guidelines set by OSHA in forklift operations. A lecture can also be provided to target specific fork lift models. An exam is given and must be passed before a forklift license is given.

The second part of the training is hands-on training, where a qualified forklift professional evaluates the applying operator’s readiness to operate the truck.

OSHA allows business owners to carry out their own training program with instruction specific to the conditions within the employer’s warehouse. All facets must be protected – the layout of the warehouse, hazardous material handling as well as entire procedures detail.

Re-certification is needed every 3 years of procedure, regardless of the situation. A new forklift license test must also be given when the forklift operator is in an accident or improperly handles equipment.

Candidate must have a valid driver’s license and a good driving history before they can apply to get a forklift license. This ensures that the applicant is old enough to drive and has enough driving experience.

Using forklift equipment without the necessary forklift license could get both worker and employer in trouble. The requirements set by the federal government are in place to protect companies and employees. Cutting expenses must come secondary in order to safeguarding everyone’s safety.

Regardless of whether you have experience with any type of forklift or forklift forks, you need to consider forklift licensing, instruction, and insurance. If you are a manager and your organization has yet to put requirements in place, think about having a beginner’s course in place to ensure everybody stays secure, the equipment remains in top shape, and the work is completed efficiently. The steps taken before using this equipment can save several problems later on.

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