How to Prepare for Your Forklift Driving Test

There are several different types of fork-lifts that are used to move products from one place to another. Some are powered by gasoline engines; others may be powered by propane or batteries. Most are what is known as a set down type; however, there are some that are used where the operator must stand while operating them.

Before you take your driving test for forklift certification, there are some things you’ll need to check first. The main things that a forklift operator must do before starting their driving test is to, first check the forklift that he/she will be using. A general checklist to go over includes the following…

  • Are the tires in good condition with no chunks or holes in them?
  • Have you checked the hydraulic lines to make sure that there are not any holes in them and that they are not leaking at any of the connections?
  • Have you checked the emergency brake to ensure that it is working properly?
  • If the forklift being used is the type that uses propane, have you checked the fittings connecting the propane tank to the fuel line to ensure that they are tight and not leaking?
  • On fork-lifts that use batteries as a means of power have you checked the battery connections to ensure they are not loose or corroded?
  • Have you checked the forks to ensure they are properly spaced for picking up a load and that they are not bent or out of line? They should be able to be adjusted without excessive force being required to slide them. They also need to be tested to ensure that they can move up or down and either left or right smoothly with the control levers.

When a person is taking the driving test for being fork-lift operator certified, they will need to be able to start the fork-lift and pick up a load and then stack the load on top of something else.

They will also need to be able to drive backward and possibly maneuver around turns going forward as well as backward and around crates or barrels. The horn and lights will need to be used at various locations, and the mirrors will need to be adjusted so that the driver can see behind him/her.

Some places have developed their own fork-lift driving test, but may still require that an operator attends a class in order for them to learn the safety procedures required for operating a fork-lift.

Fork lift certification is necessary for any workplace that utilizes industrial powered equipment, platform lifts, and forklifts. Proper training and certification will reduce accidents and injuries, as well as damage to inventory and property. Before you take your certification test, become familiar with these tasks, and you’ll have a better chance of passing the first time around.

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