What Types of Businesses Need Forklift Training and Certification?

Forklift training and certification is crucial to many different types of businesses. Lots of businesses nowadays utilize forklifts and need official training and certification recognized by OSHA.

This includes the building and construction industries from large to small structures. In addition, all businesses that maintain a warehouse where equipment is stored need forklifts and the accompanying forklift safety training with OSHA certified instructors. Other businesses besides construction that use forklifts are retail warehouses. These businesses use forklifts to move merchandise. They need forklift training for those employees who are working in keeping inventory and storing shelves with merchandise that requires a forklift to move from storage warehouse to store.

There are other businesses that use forklifts in government run services. Street departments in many cities use forklifts in maintaining the city streets. Those businesses that operate machinery like forklifts to help employees to lift and maybe dig trenches also need training in forklifts. Knowing how to handle a forklift is very important, and that’s why certification and training is crucial. If one is involved in work that could cause serious accidents if an employee had little knowledge in operating a forklift, injuries, deaths, and lawsuits can result.

Occasionally, forklifts are used in junk yards to lift objects like old cars and junked machines. These businesses use employees who know how to use a forklift and are properly trained, usually in-house, similar to businesses like private warehouses.

In large construction projects when other personnel can be injured by careless use of the forklift, training in forklift operation is even more important. Working on bridges, city streets, buildings, and parks is very serious work. The business is being conducted where people besides those employed can get injured during the use of the forklift. These workplaces need regular forklift training and re-certification to ensure that the forklift operator knows how to properly use the forklift.

The forklift is a very powerful piece of equipment. It lets people move large objects easily. It lets people manage property needs quickly. It helps builders to execute a project with a little physical exertion of human labor. There really are many places you may never consider that use forklifts and need forklift training and certification.

If you have ever been to large retail department stores, you might see smaller forklifts than those used in large construction moving easily through the aisles. These forklifts are used to save the employees from very strenuous lifting and arranging of merchandise labor. Even hand trucks can cause significant damage to people and property when not used properly. Forklifts come in different sizes and are used in many industrial and business work sites.

Every work site needs to make sure the operators of this equipment are fully trained and licensed. If your workplace does not have a safety plan in place that includes employee training and certification, talks to your supervisor immediately, to make sure such a plan is implemented. OSHA can help you with setting up regularly scheduled training. Or, you can contact the manufacturer of the equipment used at your workplace to see what they offer in the way of onsite or offsite training.

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